PEZ: Magic Box in Harjuku, Tokyo

Juxtapoz // Sunday, April 22, 2012
The universal language of this video, produced by Mountain Dew in Japan and involving a Magic Box event going on in Harajuku, Tokyo this weekend, is skateboarding and the artwork of former Juxtapoz featured artist, PEZ. The SF-based graffiti artist has his famed pyramids and color style animated for each skater to navigate around.

Preview: Herakut "Loving the Exiled" @ 941 Geary, SF

Juxtapoz // Saturday, April 21, 2012
We saw the German duo, Herakut, prepare their installation room at Nuart 2011, and they created a completely unique universe that had both flat and 3D elements that really created a profound experience. Tonight, April 21 in San Francisco's 941 Geary space, Herakut will be opening a new exhibition, Loving the Exiled. Here is a preview. . .


Graffiti // Saturday, April 21, 2012
You already know what it is. Handstyle master, character innovator, and an icon in the graffiti/street art world.

Mike Diamond on Transmission LA @ MOCA

Juxtapoz // Saturday, April 21, 2012
The legendary Beastie Boy, Mike Diamond, curator of the new MOCA exhibition, Transmission LA, gave the good people of the Avant/Garde Diaries a tour of the mega installation that features Tom Sachs, Peter Coffin, Jim Drain & Ara Peterson, Ben Jones, Mike Mills, Sage Vaughn, and others. The 17-day festival opened yesterday at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary in Downtown Los Angeles.

Cardboard Boxes to Life-Sized Objects by Chris Gilmour

Juxtapoz // Saturday, April 21, 2012
It is hard enough for us to get around to breaking down the cardboard boxes in our office. Then we see what Chris Gilmour is able to do with cardboard, transforming them into cars, grand pianos, dentist chairs, bikes, and safes, and we think we just have never been able to see the potential lying around us. These are incredible.

Review: A Rolling Stone @ Porter/Contemporary Gallery, NYC

Juxtapoz // Saturday, April 21, 2012
A Rolling Stone is now on view at New York City's Porter Contemporary, a group exhibition celebrating "50 years of the Rolling Stones, while also seeking inspiration from the proverb A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss. Afterall, as the proverb suggests, those who keep moving are never lacking fresh ideas or creativity.

Recent Work from Triangulo Dorado

Street Art // Saturday, April 21, 2012
Here is a selection of beautiful works from the muralist collective, Triangulo Dorado, from a recent gallery show at Elsi Del Rio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Evolution by Boolab

Juxtapoz // Saturday, April 21, 2012
Boolab is a production house dedicated to motion graphics, animation (2D and 3D) and the development of other visual techniques, both traditional and cutting or bleeding edge, and this is a reminder of where we came from and where we are going. A simple, infectious piece of animated art.

Strange Matter @ Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park

Juxtapoz // Saturday, April 21, 2012
New Jersey's destination art stop, Parlor Gallery, opens Strange Matter this Saturday, April 21, 2012, a group exhibition featuring wearable art as well as art made with unusual materials. Check out a preview here, and be sure to check out the real thing Saturday night in Asbury Park.

Cigarettes, Phone Cards and Hip Hop Clothing @ FFDG

Juxtapoz // Friday, April 20, 2012
If you find yourself in San Francisco on this rare warm night, we suggest you head on over to Fecal Face’s gallery in the Mission for their group show Cigarettes, Phone Cards and Hip Hop Clothing. This exhibition will feature a range of artists from across the country working in various mediums and several artists featured by Juxtapoz including Kelsey Brookes, Marco Zamora, and Ryan Travis Christian.


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