Alexandra Manukyan "Oracle of Extinction" @ Copro Gallery, Santa Monica

Juxtapoz // Monday, August 10, 2015
Copro Gallery presents a solo exhibition by artist Alexandra Manukyan. "Oracle of Extinction" is Alexandras' first solo show with Copro and a new body of work with paintings and drawings. Alexandra will be in attendance at the opening reception. "Oracle of Extinction" explores the damaging factors of human behavior on our environment and the grim future of our planet.

The Absurd and the Nude: Giuseppe Palmisano Gathers Stories

Juxtapoz // Monday, August 10, 2015
We ran across the work of Italian photographer Giuseppe Palmisano this morning, and love the absurdity and overall fun he seems to be having with his subjects. We did a little Google translate on his site to see what he was all about, and he notes "it is as if I have lived and I returned from a time to gather the stories of people living today." Okay, maybe Google translate needs to work on it a little bit?

The Photographs of Brendon Burton

Photography // Monday, August 10, 2015
Brendon Burton (b.1994) is a photographer and filmmaker. He is currently based in NYC, but grew up in a rural region of Oregon. His photographs often depict rural regions and portraits in open landscapes. His work explores themes of barrenness, abandonment, and the prevalence of religion in the American landscape. 

Opening: "Milk and Honey" at Slow Culture, LA

Pop Life // Monday, August 10, 2015
Wall to wall crowds congregated to Slow Culture gallery on Saturday eve to celebrate their 2 year anniversary show, "Milk and Honey!" We stopped by to see the work of some of our favorite artists, including: Chris Burden, Ed Ruscha, Richard Colman, Ed Templeton, and Retna. All 45 artists in the show are based out of California. 

Larassa Kabel’s Magic Touch

Juxtapoz // Monday, August 10, 2015
We’ve had our eye on Larassa Kabel for a while now, and were first intrigued by her elegant, Photoreal pencil drawings of free-falling horses. She covers a range of heavy topics, from death to sexuality, and her investigations result in some of the most stunningly-rendered work we’ve seen in a while, including both her pencil drawings and oil paintings. 

Carol Milne Knits with Glass

Juxtapoz // Monday, August 10, 2015
Carol Milne, a Seattle-based artist, created a technique in 2006 that involves aspects of knitting, lost-wax casting, mold-making, and kiln-casting which allows her to create these beautiful glass sculptures that look close to impossible.

Lucas Samaras' Mirrored Room

Juxtapoz // Monday, August 10, 2015
Lucas Samaras' Doorway is a cube with two open sides and a solid cube protruding from the floor at its center. The facing reflective surface initiates a chain of reflections, where the unmarked space of the cube becomes a site for viewers to experience their own visage ad infinitum. The seemingly interminable self-reflections resonate with the overwhelming body of small images that line the gallery.

Owl and Mouse, One of the Greatest Animations You Will Ever See

Juxtapoz // Monday, August 10, 2015
Do yourself a favor and spend the next five minutes watching “Owl and Mouse,” a new stop-motion animated short created by NYU student Emma Noble and distributed by the PBS production, Film School Shorts. The craft behind her adorably endearing characters, and the simple, suspenseful story are enough to keep you riveted until you click “play again” (and again).

Secret Identities: Superheroes and Selfhood @ Driscoll Babcock Gallery

Juxtapoz // Monday, August 10, 2015
There is one week left to check out a show about superheroes at Driscoll Babcock Gallery in New York. Closing August 14, the show includes works that are playful on the surface but dive deep into notions of identity

Anna Jensen’s Psychological Landscapes

Juxtapoz // Monday, August 10, 2015
Anna Jensen makes quite a scene and we’re into it. The imagery in her paintings is uncanny, real and surreal at the same time. It’s absurd, and also somehow believable. The mystery is thick in these paintings, and although you’ll never figure out how Mr. Rogers ended up in the back of a Chevy truck on 4th of July with an empty bottle of Rough Rider whiskey nearby, the image will stick with you.


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