8-Bit Video Game Video Art

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 10 Mar 2011
My nostalgia for old video games stems from the "simpler" times of video games, when controllers had 4 buttons and a d-pad, graphics were all 8-bit, and you had to blow into games to get them to function correctly.  Ahhh the wonder years.... well some other people share my old timey views, and one of those people (Ninjamoped) went out of their way to make some awesome 8-bit styled art (actually a lot of them some older ones can be found  here and here). 

The CRAZY amount of man hours that must have gone into not only building, but setting and choregraphing each scene must have been tremendous.  They even have a regular series called NES Quiz, where they ask you to guess which Video Games are featured in each video. 

So what do you think? How many can you name? Give your answers in the comments below!—Nick Lattner/Juxtapoz Game Editor


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