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3D Keeps Coming: The New Smurf Movie

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 17 Jun 2010

This 3D explosion business has targeted everyone’s favorite blue characters, dropping them into the bustling city of Manhattan for a modern Smurf adventure.


Due out next summer, it will feature Michael Musto, Joan Rivers, Olivia Palermo, Liz Smith, and Tom Colicchio, in a scenes starring Sofia Vergara (from Modern Family) and Tim Gunn (from Project Runway). Neil Patrick Harris plays a lead role in the film (as one of the humans) while Smurf voices are being done by people like Katy Perry and Jonathan Winters.


Check out the very brief teaser trailer for the upcoming live-action/animation hybrid movie The Smurfs, and get ready … to be smurf’d?




And just for old time's sake:



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