20 Questions with Mike Shine

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 09 Apr 2009

Mike Shine makes some of the most appealingly creepy driftwood paintings we ever did see. Combining elements from classic surf and skate culture, along with the low-fi era of the 60s and a fascination with philosophy, mythology, and even his wife, Mike has managed to consistently produce truly unique artwork.


With a massive installation of his infamous Art Shack currently on view at San Francisco's The Museum of Craft and Folk Art and a two-man exhibit with Caleb Neelon opening tomorrow, April 11th at White Walls Gallery, it's safe to say this man has been busy. That's why we tangled up his schedule a bit more and asked him to answer our 20 Questions. Like the great guy he is, Mike obliged. So get to reading 20 Questions with Mike Shine now:


What's the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?


Probably no one wants to read about that. But the second thing I did was brush my teeth.


Something about yourself the average person wouldn't guess?


I can make fire without matches.


If you had one day left on Earth, what’s left to be discovered?


If it’s a school day, and my kids can’t take off, I’d probably go on a pub-crawl.


What is your first art-making memory as a kid?


I smeared my diaper contents all over the front of my dresser. Unfortunately my parents didn’t take any photos.

Do you need long periods of time alone, or are you energized by interaction?


Both. I like to be alone, and I like parties. But usually I’m alone at parties, so maybe that’s not totally accurate.


Is being in the dark with the lights out frightening or comforting?


Depends if my gun is loaded or not.


What's the most non-art involved activity you continually find yourself enjoying?


Surfing, and macramé.


Have you been to jail? If so, why? If not, why not?


Yes. “Swimming where prohibited.” Arrested by a 330-pound sheriff. I was too cocky to run. I’ve learned to run since then.


What kind of car do you drive?


1978 Landcruiser, and a MINI Cooper.

What's your biggest non-green inspired indulgence?


The 1978 Landcruiser, I carbon offset about 6 Priuses.


What is the single most important thing you did to breakthrough as a career artist?


Tap into my personal flaws. It’s a pretty deep vein.


Best hustle you ever pulled?


Taking compromising photos of Andres and Justin at White Walls to use as extortion.


Are you ever bored?




What excites you?


Hanging out with people way smarter than me. 

2023 will look like . . . ?


I’m optimistic. It’ll be great. I hope I’m alive to see it.


If you could have a drink with one artist, living or dead, who would it be?


Jim Morrison.


Last passport stamp:




Can’t stand:


The entitled.


Can’t live without:


My family. Sometimes I’m away from them for a while, and I get weird.


Words to live by:


Live a good clean life, five days a week.


More on Mike Shine at www.shinelounge.com



More about Mike Shine's upcoming show, Waiting for Ararat, at White Walls Gallery on April 11, 2009 HERE.



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