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111 Minna - Undergoing Urbanization

Juxtapoz // Thursday, 07 Dec 2006

Jenn Porecca and Brad K. Alder have let their minds and brushes run wild over the powder rooms at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. The two have successfully revamped their respective gender-appropriate spaces with murals more fitting to our time and climate than ever before.

Alder's graf art bangs loud and hard upon entry, making no apologies for garish and bold strokes. Once likening himself to the Peanuts character Pigpen, he paints simple single-color jagged shapes twisting and overlapping each other, thus exposing himself. The dust cloud is no more.

Porreca, known widely throughout Fogcity for spinning tales of urban folklore, has unveiled a calming escape with pouty-lipped, lavishly-ribboned ladies and anecdotal note cards. With walls ripened for reading, she leaves us in the quintessential gouache garden we've come to know and love.

Thanks to the brave camerawork of Trevor Christian, we have a few photos of the bathroom painting sessions, giving everyone the unique opportunity to take a peek in at least one place they don't usually get to go:

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