10,080 Slices of Bread make a Mona Lisa

Juxtapoz // Monday, 02 May 2011

We sat back last night and thought, "What is the farthest thing away from Osama Bin Laden we can go to lead off our morning posts on Monday?" And we came up with this: 10,080 slices of bread that English toast artist Laura Hadland used and structured to make a portrait of Mona Lisa.

Is that far enough away? Hadland went ot Matera, Italy’s “City of Bread”, to create an edible replica of the famous Mona Lisa, and this was her creation at its fullest. And, the portrait measured 9 meters by 11.2 meters and numbered 10,080 slices of bread, a combination of plain white bread, toast, and slices covered with dark and milk chocolate. Via Oddity Central.



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