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10 Costume Ideas For Halloween from Michael Sieben

Juxtapoz // Wednesday, 27 Oct 2010

10 Costume Ideas For Halloween

Instead Of Just Going As A Jersey Shore Cast Member


1. Pee Wee Herman Munster


2. The Karate Kid (the real one, not that rich dude's kid)


3. CowBoy George


4. The murderer dude from The Lovely Bones*  (*comes with a strong possibility of somebody kicking your ass)


5. That hide your kids, hide your wife dude (male or female costume)


6. Freddie Prinze Krueger Jr.


7. Sexy Homeless Person


8. My little cat Josie (basically just dress up as the cutest little cat ever in the whole wide world)


9. Ucle Sam-Kinison (just wear an Uncle Sam costume, do a bunch of speed, scream at everybody)


10. Michael Jackson from the Thriller video or Michael Jackson present day (same costume)






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