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Just because everyone knows Oprah can save the world. And this shit is funny.
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Thursday, 01 May 2008 07:55

Hollywood Pulpcore

Who really killed Marilyn Monroe? David Russel Talbot can tell you all about it, and much more, as long as it concerns Hollywood. In an age where people seem to care more about what Hannah Montana wears than our foreign policy, it’s safe to say Americans have become a bit obsessed with Tinseltown.
Talbot’s new book has come along at just the right time, it would appear. “I've just spent the last three years illustrating my first book, Hollywood Pulpcore: Rumors, Death, & Scandal in Tinseltown. Part satire, part American folklore, the book is filled with paintings and illustrations detailing the dark side of the silver screen,” explains Talbot.
Taking his work on the road, Talbot’s first stop will be Seattle, where Hollywood Pulpcore will premiere at Vermillion Gallery May 2nd. More details at

Thursday, 01 May 2008 07:19

Winking Zombie Artist Collective

The Winking Zombie Artist Collective is an underground artist movement featuring the work of creative souls who share the vision of getting their art to the people, not only to private collectors, galleries or museums.
This piece is from Detroit-based graffiti artist, Sinister, who has been getting friendly with aerosol since the mid-80s. With his work in the hands of people all over the globe, Sinister seems to have found a niche in the Winking Zombie Collective. See more of their artists at winking

Thursday, 01 May 2008 05:23

Photos: "Bury Me in the Sand"

Los Angeles-based graphic designer and visual artist Geoff McFetridge has an exhibit of his newest works up at San Franciso’s Mollusk Shop/Gallery. Titled Bury Me in the Sand, McFetridge filled the walls with his signature simple lines, bright colors, and humorous outlook on life. Take a peek at some opening photos here…

Thursday, 01 May 2008 04:48

Concrete Alchemy

Concrete Alchemy is a tour of 15 artists visiting 5 major urban centers on the East Coast over 7 days. The artists in Concrete Alchemy are all major driving forces in pushing the limits of contemporary urban art. (Participating SF-based artist Chor Boogie painted the mural above.)
Opening May 16th in New York, the tour continues through New Jersey, Philly, Washington DC, and concludes in Maryland May 23rd. Dictating the future progression in graffiti and street art, this is one tour you’ll want to check out. More info at

Thursday, 01 May 2008 04:13

Hamburger Eyes Book Release & Exhibition

Announcing Hamburger Eyes’ “super legit Los Angeles book release and exhibition.” Started in 2002 in San Francisco, Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine presents black and white photography documenting "the continuing story of life on Earth." The images are raw, visceral, frank, and lyrical. The magazine has featured photographers from all experience levels, including luminaries like Boogie, Ted Pushinsky, Estevan Oriol, and Ed Templeton (all of whom are featured in our current May Photography Issue!)
The book release and exhibit opens this Saturday, May 3rd at Hope Gallery in Los Angeles. Be there, or… well, just don’t be a square. Or a rectangle. Anything with sharp edges is not cool. Details on Hamburger Eyes at

Curators and public interventionist artists, Shoshana Brand and xtine, have been working on a project they call Knocking On Bricks, Artists vs Institutions. Basically, Knocking On Bricks is an art and belief project that challenges mainstream ideas, explores social issues, and empowers artists from all reaches of the globe. Sounds sweet so far.
Shoshana Brand and xtine state, “First we composed absurd proposal letters and mailed them to different national institutions and well-known public personas. Shortly after the expected rejection letters arrived, we extended ourselves into an individual creation of two-dimensional artwork. Our next step was mentoring, curating, and promoting a group of visual artists to create artwork addressing the absurd proposals, which had already been rejected. The final step includes essays written by well-known visual artists, commenting on the topic of rejection and personal success in the art arena.”
In shifting the power away from institutions and people that traditionally dictate what defines art, and who deserves to display it, Knocking On Bricks creates a powerful shift in paradigm. While communicating with international artists, Brand and xtine’s roles changed from artists who submitted proposals to anonymous institutions, to administrators who orchestrated artists from all over the world.
This image embodies a project called Homeless in Los Angeles, from Chinese artists Yu Ji and Deng Ye Min. Brand and xtine requested that Verizon give free cell phones to the homeless in LA as a form of community outreach and potential career help. After this outrageous proposal was sent, and Ji and Min created an artistic response to directly point out the realities of social inequality, as well as the absurdity of much legislation and outreach. (The homeless may want a home first, before a cell phone.)
Knocking On Bricks points out social ills while reclaiming power in the face adversity, all in an artistic manner. If you’re like us, you’re about to spend too much time checking out all the other amazingly witty and innovative Knocking On Bricks projects. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Thursday, 01 May 2008 02:03

The Free Billboard Project

10 Artists. 10 Countries. 10 Billboards. Imagine Peace. This is the motto for an innovative plan called the Free Billboard Project. Ten visual artists from ten member states of the United Nations were asked to imagine what peace looks like, from their own unique cultural perspectives, and to create a billboard design depicting their vision.
Led by University of San Francisco art professor Richard Kamler, and nine other international artists from Burma (Kyi Win’s design shown,) Cuba, El Salvador, Iran, Israel, Japan, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Ukraine and the United States, each artist’s design will be placed on a full size, outdoor billboard in San Francisco.
On Monday, May 26th (Memorial Day) the billboards will be unveiled and the public is invited to take a first-hand look at them on a free bus tour, which stops at each billboard across the city. Details at 

Thursday, 01 May 2008 01:47

"Nov York City"

Alife LA presents Nov York City, an exhibition of new works by Eric Haze, based on Dumar Brown’s novel The World Screaming Nov and featuring the limited edition collaborative set The World Screaming Nov. A notable figure in the design and fashion community over the last few decades, New York artist Haze was commissioned by Alife to create an installation specifically for their Los Angeles space. The show will consist of eight archival silkscreen works on canvas.
Nov York City represents Haze’s continued return to the fine art world, including recent exhibitions and installations at select galleries worldwide. This will be a rare opportunity to view and purchase the artist’s work in Los Angeles.
The exhibition marks a first-time collaboration between Haze, Brown and Alife: The World Screaming Nov limited edition set. The set includes a signed copy of Brown’s novel and a custom Alife t-shirt designed by Eric Haze. Limited to 192 pieces, the set will be available at all Alife flagship locations in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Tokyo and is priced at $75. Nov York City is the first in a series of art exhibitions to be held at Alife’s Los Angeles space in the Fairfax District. Open to the public, the reception for Nov York City will take place on Saturday, May 17th.

Thursday, 01 May 2008 01:24

Banksy Gets Buffed

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we still think some folks will never be able to appreciate true talent. Well, at least when it’s spray painted on the side of their buildings.
Yes, some of Banksy’s Los Angeles street art is being painted over as we speak. We understand not everyone can appreciate the dopeness that is Banksy, but we can’t help but chuckle to ourselves about the irony of the situation. What building owners see as an eyesore are really the fruits of labor from a legend whose work sells for more than their whole building is probably worth. Suckas.  
Thanks slam x hype for the pic.