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Sunday, 18 December 2005 17:34

Issue #60 Is On Sale!

Issue #60, our first monthly issue as well as a special all Japanese issue, goes on sale today. That's Suehiro Maruo on the cover, and we are using one of Chiho Aoshima's pieces for that lovely header up there. Click on the current issue preview for a look at what's inside.
Wednesday, 28 December 2005 14:05

Happy New Year - A Contest!

We're having a little end o'the year contest. We have ten Derek Hess 2006 wall calendars to give away. Submit a drawing based on this question: What are your plans for 2006? (It's a deliberately broad topic, draw whatever you want!) Email a jpg or gif to ert @ juxtapoz dot com.
Friday, 25 November 2005 13:55

Submission Guidelines

These are our submission guidelines for


Current | Features/Reviews/Photos | Reader Art | Gallery Guide/Links | Calendar
Questions? | Disclaimer


Current is our news/blog. There is no specific submission process at this time. Anyone can email the web editor with ideas, interestingness, or news.




Please contact the web editor, Evan Pricco -, about possible features, reviews, or coverage of art events (photos).



Reader Art

Because we get so many submissions, we have decided that in an effort to get all the great talent out to the public, we're migrating the Reader Art submission process to our new Forum. The whole process is simple and will allow more people to see and critique your artwork.

First off, to add your artwork to our forum, you need to be a Juxtapoz user. You can register at

Once you have a username and password, you may login and start adding your unique artwork to the Reader Art board under the "Art" category.

This will now be the only manner in which we select artwork to be posted in the Reader Art section online, and will also provide a space for you to get immediate feedback from other Juxtapoz readers.


Image Specs: Images must be 350 pixels wide and at least 300 pixels tall, 72 dpi. Please optimize your images for the web and save them as a .jpg (for photographed/scanned work) or .gif (for vector-based work), in RGB (not CMYK or Index colors), and at 72dpi. Non-digital artwork should be photographed clear, sharp and head on, and presented without background or white space unless the piece is an unusual shape.

Art Info: Please include the title of each piece, media used, and dimensions if you have them. The more information the better.

Your Info: Include your name as you'd like to be credited and your portfolio can be your MySpace page, LiveJournal blog, Flickr account, or your fancy Flash-based site, but there should be some way for people to contact you and see more of your work.


Pic of the Day:

Everyday, we will choose one photograph to feature in our Pic of the Day section. We will accept photo submissions in a similar manner as we run Reader Art: through our online Forum.

To add your artwork to our forum, you need to be a Juxtapoz user. You can register at

Once you have a username and password, you may login and start adding your photos to the “Pic of the Day” board under the “Art” category.

This will now be the only manner in which we select photos to be posted in the Pic of the Day section online, and will also provide a space for you to get immediate feedback from other Juxtapoz readers.

Pic of the Day image specs:
Images must be (at least) 600 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall, at 72 dpi. Please optimize your images for the web. Please include the title of each piece, and your name.



Gallery Guide

To submit your gallery for our guide, please send the following information to

Gallery name, URL, street address including city, state, country, postal code, and phone number.


There is no submission process for our Links section. It's based on the editorial and advertising content of our website and magazine.




To gain access to add events to our user-generated calendar, you must be a registered user. Register at

To submit an art event (your new album release may be really cool, but for the sake of space, we can't accomodate every single event!) to our calendar, simply access our calendar at You can add your event by clicking the "Add an event" link below the calendar. If this is confusing to you, read on...

After clicking "Add an event," (at the botom of the page, an entry form will pop up. Please keep the "subject" line simple with the name of the event or artist featured, followed by the gallery name and location (eg Joe Schmoe@Imaginary Gallery, LA.) Then choose your category (the location where the event is taking place,) add a description of the event in the box below, and if you wish to add an image, click the "insert/edit image" icon (with the tiny mountains on the button) and

Then, in the calendar tab enter the opening date and time of your event. Do not enter dates for the entire run of a show! The calendar is meant to be a resource for art openings and events on one specific day, so if you enter a different end date from your start date, your event will either not be posted or it will take us a longer time to approve! The start date and end date should be the same, but the time should be different. For example, if your show opening/reception is on November 8th from 7-11pm, your start date is 11-08 at 7:00pm and your end date is 11-08 at 11:00pm.

Overall, you only need to enter very basic info in the common and calendar tabs. We apologize if this is confusing, but our site activity has increased to the point where the calendar was simply overwhelmed and not functioning at all, so this is our current compromise! Just as a reminder, the calendar is moderated, so publication is also subject to our discretion.

If you need to edit a post or have a question, email




Questions, comments, suggestions about the website? Please contact the web editor, Evan Pricco by email:


We are grateful for everyone's interest and enthusiasm (art is totally awesome!), but please understand that not everything submitted will be published, and that we cannot always personally respond to every inquiry or submission. Stay cool.

Tuesday, 13 December 2005 06:12

Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis lives and creates her collage-infused artworks in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated with a BFA in drawing and painting from University of Minnesota in 1998, and after getting laid off from an office job, made the leap to doing art full time. Orbital Me, new works by Jennifer Davis and Daniel Buettner, opens on January 3rd, 2006 at Rosalux Galllery and runs through the end of the month, with a reception for the artists on January 7th.
Friday, 16 December 2005 16:00

Damn Thieves!

Jeez, we just got this email from Susie Ghahremani:

"my name is susie ghahremani, my email address is susie @, and i just received word from san francisco that six of my pieces from my show at giant robot right now ("let's share" at gr-sf) have been stolen.

if you know anything about the theft or can spread the word to help return the pieces to me or the people who have purchased them, please help.

among the pieces stolen was one of my favorite pieces to date, this miniature of a baby chicken:

giant robot can be contacted at, they are located at 622 shrader st. in san francisco.

thank you for any help finding these works.
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