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Thursday, 17 April 2008 02:57

Todd Bratrud x Volcom

Dig sexy green lizard ladies? We thought so. So does Todd Bratrud. One of the most influential skateboard artists of the past decade, Bratrud has worked with more influential companies than we can list, but his latest venture is with skateboard giant, Volcom.
Bratrud has been skating and creating artwork since 1989, and all that hard work has paid off with Volcom’s release of his Lizard Girl series as part of their Spring 2008 line. Coinciding with the apparel release, Bratrud has been touring Volcom venues with his art exhibit. He’s already hit up Australia, LA, Brazil, and Tokyo, and his next stop is Berkeley’s Volcom store!
Tomorrow, Friday April 18th, Bratrud’s seductive lizards will grace the walls of Volcom. So, if you’re down with skateboarding, art, Volcom, or just can’t get enough lizard love, make sure to hit up Volcom Berkeley tomorrow. Details (and a sweet Bratrud video!) at

Thursday, 17 April 2008 02:07

John Pound "Garbage Pail Kids" Stickers

We’re sure not many of you remember when, 14 years ago, John Pound was featured in our very first issue, but Pound is back in action, this time helping artist and Craze One label owner, Adam White, create a limited edition Garbage Pail Kids sticker!
Pound painted over 400 of the approximately 700 'original series' Garbage Pail Kids®, including the iconic Adam Bomb, and the entire first two series. His work includes endless trading cards, comic books, magazines, even toys and skateboards. So, it seems fitting that Pound should be the one to illustrate this full color vinyl, die-cut peel out sticker!
White says, “For almost a decade now, I have been planning with John Pound to create a Garbage Pail Kid-style parody card for me and my clothing label, Craze One. […] First printing is a limited run, each one individually hand numbered.”
If you’re like us, with a soft spot in your heart for the good ol’ days of the Garbage Pail Kids, you’ll make sure to swoop on these stickers, especially as they’re a mere four bucks a pop. You can’t even get a venti latte for that anymore! See more details, including the final artwork unveiling, at

Wanna get intimate with Lady Pink and AIKO? Well, you’re in luck because they have an upcoming talk at Brooklyn’s ultra cool Ad Hoc Art this Sunday, April 20th at 6pm. This Sunday marks the final day of the pair’s stellar show, Brick Ladies of NYC, so they thought it would be cool to give an intimate talk about their show at Ad Hoc and the process of working together on the project. Check out for details.
As if that weren’t enough, AIKO will also be participating in a panel discussion, Envisioning Japan, associated with the current Murakami exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. In celebration of the Brooklyn Museum's exhibitions ©MURAKAMI and Utagawa: Masters of the Japanese Print, 1700-1900, this discussion series explores common themes informing Japanese art and artists, past and present, on both sides of the Pacific. The three panels feature a dynamic mix of prominent scholars, curators, artists and cultural theorists. AIKO will take part in the discussion Envisioning Japan: Creative Dialogues with the Wider World, going down Saturday, May 17th.
Panelists will discuss the intermingling of the Japanese and international art-worlds and art-markets since "the opening of Japan" to the West in 1852, and the varied ways in which Japanese artists have created a unique space for their work that is simultaneously Japanese and international. More info on the discussion at

Thursday, 17 April 2008 01:19

Photos: Aaron Jasinski

Aaron Jasinski’s solo show, Seraphim and Spacemen, opened this past weekend at Distinction Gallery in Escondido. Jasinski’s fantastical depictions of otherworldly animals and humans amongst robots and astronauts in city landscapes drew a wide variety of admirers. Take a look-see at some of the great work lining the gallery walls here…

Wednesday, 16 April 2008 07:41

"Guilty Smurf" Prints Available

What’s cute, blue, as tall as three apples, and has an extremely checkered past? Yes! Of course we’re talking about Guilty Smurf! If you’re like us, you’re about to pull a super-human stunt and whiz over to to snag a copy of this extremely limited edition print by the legendary Alex Pardee. 
Pardee painted this piece, Guilty Smurf, for the recent Gag Me With A Toon show at Meltdown Gallery in LA. Only 26 prints are available, one for each Smurf that Guilty slaughtered in a jealous rage (but we don’t talk about that anymore.) Each print is hand signed by Alex Pardee, numbered, and dedicated to the loss of one of the fallen Smurf brethren.
With a release of only 26 prints, these bad boy Smurfs won’t last long, in fact by the time you read this, we may have already made our way to snag a copy for ourselves!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008 07:05

Skull & Sword

Presented by the Skull & Sword Family and The Seventh Letter, Canvas Los Angeles has a sick new group show, titled Skull & Sword, hitting Southern California this Saturday, April 19th.
This highly anticipated show features new original works by an elite group of modern artists with roots in tattooing, graffiti, painting, and graphic design.
Curated by San Francisco tattoo and graffiti artist NORM, this exhibit is a testament to the power and relevance of what many still deem "outsider art".
Whether in tattooing, graffiti writing, or fine art, Skull & Sword's artists are in the top echelon of their field. Admired by their peers and highly sought after by collectors, they are fearless innovators. Many are considered godfathers of their community, trailblazers who inspired countless up and comers. Others are relatively young, or under the radar. It is their vision and drive that sets this group of artists apart from the rest, and that brings them all together for this exhibit. Skull and Sword is about artists on a lifetime quest for excellence.
Participating artists include: Todd Noble, Grime, Norm, Bert Krak, Amanda Lynn, Reyes, Push, CIV, Jesse Roberts, Revok, Yutaro Sakai, Jersey Joe, Shawn Barber, Phil Holt, Henry Lewis, Marcus Pacheco, Lango, Saber, Keyn, Filip Leu, Titine Leu, and Mike Shea. For details, hit up 


Directed by Mike Aho and illustrated by Jux favorite, Michael Sieben, this is a little teaser of a sweet video the pair put together. This is the first installation of the ((sounder)) Director’s Collaboration Project, a series of five videos premiering every month throughout the spring and summer of 2008.
Featured artist/directors include: Michael Sieben, Mel Kadel, Todd Bratrud, Travis Millard and Dave Bryant. All of the artists worked with Mike Aho in a creative collaboration to develop images that either capture or decompose the music through the use of drawings, film, animation and video. Make sure to watch the entire film right here.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008 04:58

Emerging Artist: Erin Currie

Erin Currie has her first solo show titled Curster’s Fantastico coming up at the Toomer Gallery in Minneapolis. Featuring new paintings and fiber sculptures by Currie, Curster’s Fantastico opens April 23rd, and will remain on view thru May 31st.
Erin Currie grew up as a child of a Rosemaler (a practitioner of a traditional Norwegian style of decorative painting,) spending much of her time at Scandinavian Festivals. There she would bide her time drawing characters inspired by dark folklore. She has developed more of a soft touch, but her artwork is still filled with strange creatures; fun but not without a hint of the disturbed imps, demons, scamps, and even bunnies we love.
Currie finds inspiration in the shadows, carnival memorabilia, and her family, whom she fondly refers to as her favorite bunch of clowns. The essence of Erin Currie’s art is best summed up by Currie herself: “I want people to see my work and imagine themselves running with Yetis through the forest or floating on clouds of balloons.”
See more of Currie’s fantastical creations at


Wednesday, 16 April 2008 04:42

Above Hits Guatemala City

Spoken, err… written, like a true graff master: globe trotting Above recently passed along his newest piece, “By the time you read this, I’ll already be gone!”
Unlike many of his other recent pieces, this one was done illegally in Guatemala City in a mere three hours (with a few beer breaks in between, of course.) Above would have gotten it to us sooner, but you know, he didn’t want to get arrested by Guatemalan officials for some reason. Keep up on Above’s travels at  

Familiar Friends, featuring works from lovely ladies Lisa Alisa, Erika Yamashiro, Cherri Wood, and Lindsay Campbell, opens this Saturday, April 19th at project: gallery Los Angeles.
Familiar Friends will be the US gallery debut for both Erika Yamashiro and Lindsay Campbell. Alongside veteran NY "superflat" artist Lisa Alisa, the three emerging artists present work showcasing their unique styles, while giving us their versions of the female form.
Bordering between innocent and erotic, each artist expresses their varying degrees of femininity through their alter ego's on canvas. We are left to ponder where self-portrait ends and the characters begin. More info at project: gallery.


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