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Friday, 25 April 2008 07:06

The Threat of Chance

Ad Hoc Art’s newest showstopper, opening Friday, May 2nd, will star new works from The Polaroid Kidd, Josh MacPhee, Billy Mode, and Chris Stain in a lil’ show they like to call The Threat of Chance.
The Threat of Chance art exposition is based on the temptation of possibility. The possibility of change in the face of stagnation, the possibility of hope in desperate times, the possibility of alternative thought and lifestyle in the doldrums of complacency.
For this installation, a railroad shantytown will be recreated to further emphasize the struggle between hope and despair. Amidst a gallery filled of shacks made of found material and walls decorated with freight trains and decaying industry, you’ll find photographs by boxcar culture enthusiast the Polaroid Kidd. Proletarian signs, flags, prints, and banners from author/activist Josh MacPhee. Interactive sculptures, drawings, paintings and stencils, from graffiti artist Billy Mode, and the sociological display of hand cut stencils by Chris Stain (shown.) So, if you’re not too politically correct (and something tells us you’re not) make sure to hit up Brooklyn's Ad Hoc Art May 2nd and check out The Threat of Chance.

Friday, 25 April 2008 05:35

"Wax Nostalgic" from Heath Yenna

In his second solo exhibition at South Bend, Indiana's Postmodern Gallery, The Spurious Fugitive, Heath Yenna presents Wax Nostalgic, an eclectic group of paintings inspired by mid-twentieth century popular imagery and illustrations.
With over twenty mixed media pieces in the exhibition, Yenna continues to explore social narratives concerned with contemporary culture through the use of appropriated vintage source material culled from the back-stock of American idealism. Opening April 30th, Wax Nostaligic will remain on view thru June 1st. Details at

Friday, 25 April 2008 05:05

Patrick O

Everyone likes photos. This guy likes taking them, and our new May issue is chock full of ‘em. This particular photo was taken by the legendary Patrick O’Dell, current photo editor for Vice Magazine in New York. O’Dell has been in the photography game for years; he’s traveled the world as a senior staff photographer for Thrasher Magazine, and his website, Epicly Later’d inspired the show of the same name that debuted on VBS.TV and MTV 2 this fall.
Another astounding photographer, Mike Piscitelli, is a true renaissance man with a hand in just about everything. He’s a talented photographer who, in addition to personal documentary work, has shot campaigns for numerous companies. As a filmmaker he has directed music videos for a variety of musicians, including The Bronx, Iggy Pop and Bonnie Prince Billy.
It seems fitting then, that both O’Dell and Piscitelli should lead a closing night conversation for Nike’s Being True: 22 years of American Youth exhibit in Los Angeles.
If you’re in the LA-area this Sunday, April 27th, make sure to head over to 144 LAB, at 144 N La Brea Avenue for a rare chance to hear these talented photographers speak about their photos, lives and diverse careers.

Most of you probably recognize this striking photograph from the pages of our special May edition, The Photography Issue. Dark robes and a stern face, combined with a blurred license plate and upward angle, add an intensity and foreboding atmosphere to the image that’s visually arresting. Although the angle of the photo adds greatly to its power, it’s not a unique perspective to photographer Kevin Connolly. That is because Connolly was born without legs.
Connolly never let the fact he was born legless prevent him from leading a full life; in fact, it seems to have lent itself quite nicely to a career as a photographer. Often attracting attention from strangers on the street, Connolly turns the focus back on his curious observers, turning the watchers into the watched. From the looks of this gorgeous photograph, it’s been working out pretty well for him.
Read more on this innovative photographer in an online article here. 

The good people of Subliminal Projects have an upcoming joint exhibition of new work by California-based artists, Deedee Cheriel and Louise Bonnet. The exhibition, which features new works and represents a new direction for both artists, opens May 17th and runs thru June 13th.
Deedee Cheriel creates visual narratives that explore our personal attempts to connect to the world and each other. Cheriel’s aesthetic is a satirical, yet touching illustration of how relationships between humans, animals, and nature are episodes of both compassion and discomfort. Her work features animal/human hybrids rendered in bright, bold colors who engage, often sexually, with each other and the larger natural environment. Elements drawn from the natural and urban landscapes are combined with pop culture to suggest the ability to find commonalities between ourselves and our surroundings, inevitably validating our greater humanity.
Louise Bonnet is known for her illustrative aesthetic, which has been described as a “whimsical” blend of “hippieish style with punk iconography”. Coming from a graphic design background, Bonnet uses pen and ink to create a palette that is flat and concise, yet engaging. Bonnet, who admittedly does not like open displays of emotion, creates characters void of expression. Her images feature a sea of people with blank expressions, drawn at different angles to achieve a beautiful visual pattern that attests to Bonnet’s graphic design background. These characters, often uniform in appearance, remain anonymous from each other and the viewer. Get to know Bonnet’s anonymous characters, and Cheriel’s hybrids, at

Friday, 25 April 2008 02:03

Morning Breath's Barack Obama Poster

They’ve done it again. The 008 and Upper Playground have collaborated with Brooklyn-based Morning Breath to create a new limited screen-print of the duo's portrait of Obama. This sweet Morning Breath poster is part of an ongoing series of artist collaborations in support of Barack Obama's presidential campaign.
The Morning Breath limited screen-print will be signed and numbered by the artists and are made at a limited quantity of 200. Because the poster is a pre-sale item, it won't ship until May 21th; however, all proceeds from the sales of the Morning Breath Obama posters will go directly to creating more campaign t-shirts, posters and stickers by other artists in support of Obama's bid for President.
Previously, Munk One's poster, also sold through Upper Playground, was used in a bus shelter visibility campaign throughout Philadelphia prior to the primary in Pennsylvania.
The 008 and Upper Playground are also pleased to announce an upcoming Independent Barack Obama Campaign Poster Art exhibition featuring all the artists who have contributed poster art for this Barack Obama 2008 campaign and many more still to be revealed!
In the past two months, with the support of The 008, Upper Playground endorsed Obama's campaign by creating posters featuring artwork from The Date Farmers, Mac, Sam Flores, and Munk One, as well as printing t-shirts with Shepard Fairey's Obama poster graphics to help support the grass roots campaign. The exhibition will feature work from the Upper Playground collaborations, as well as work from some of the biggest names in contemporary art that will soon announced. The 008 and Upper Playground will announce full details, exhibiting artists, and location in the next month. Make sure to cop your little bit of history at now.

Friday, 25 April 2008 01:08

"Translating Hollywood"

Have you ever seen a really sweet poster for a movie that turned out to suck? Well, that poster artist was doing their job well. As for the film producers? At least they knew how to hire a good artist. Sam Sarowitz’s Translating Hollywood from Mark Batty Publisher is a historical and in-depth look at these move posters.
Culled from the collection of movie-poster aficionado Sam Sarowitz’s Posteritati Gallery, Translating Hollywood documents how certain movies have been represented in differing countries across the globe. Full of classic movie poster images, the book examines how the different images used in certain countries speaks loudly of not only timing, but of cultural tendencies and design trends.
We had a blast flipping through the pages of Translating Hollywood, taking a mini-walk down memory lane. Spanning decades of some of the world’s greatest film art, it’s a book hard not to like. More on Translating Hollywood here. 

Friday, 25 April 2008 01:05

Escape to the DR with Atisha Paulson

It’s about this time of year when we start fantasizing about summer road trips and getaways. If you can’t escape to a real beach, take a trip through the lens of Atisha Paulson. Paulson is a NYC-based photographer who recently returned from the Dominican Republic, capturing his entire experience on film. Why not jet off to the Dominican Republic right now…

Thursday, 24 April 2008 07:45

Aya Kakeda at Metropolis

Relocating to Brooklyn from Tokyo, Aya Kakeda has garnered international fame for her hand-made prints and original pieces depicting bizarre creatures and whimsical children. Having shown on three continents, you may have already seen Kakeda’s commercial work for Nike, The New York Times, or the Nickelodeon Channel.
Kakeda has garnered several major illustration awards from American Illustrator and Curvy (Australia,) has an upcoming comic with Fantagraphics, and was featured along with Tara McPherson and Souther Salazar at the AIGA Pretty Ugly Design Week. So, lets just say she knows her stuff.
On top of all that, Kakeda has an upcoming show at Metropolis, May 2nd thru the 31st. Visit her site and play with some of her creatures at why don'tchya?

Thursday, 24 April 2008 07:03

This Is the End of the Beginning

Six months of travel throughout South America, and Above leaves us with “This Is the End of the Beginning,” a final splattering of paint across a Mexican wall. Now back in the States, Above won’t linger long- soon he’s off on more adventures across Europe. In the meantime, take a look at a couple close-up shots of this piece right here…


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