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Thursday, 01 May 2008 01:04

Cutter Photozine

The super cool Heather Renee Russ (who is featured in our current May Photography Issue) runs a documentary photo magazine in San Francisco called Cutter Photozine. Cutter is dedicated to featuring people telling their own stories and documenting their own existence. “I am very excited about our zine," Russ says. "The focus is on people shooting their own experiences." Cutter seeks to undo a traditional voyeurism of the 'other' and place the power of sight in the focused home of the author.
In their first issue, 20 different photographers cause a commotion in one explosive collection of dynamic imagery. The issue also features the photography of Ace Morgan (work shown.) Morgan's uncanny talent for blending rage, longing, joy, and punk rock graces the issue's pages, where they proudly unveil a rich history, covering twenty years of previously unpublished pieces.
Cutter Photozine is having a release party Thursday, May 15th at 111 Minna Gallery. So come get your grub on, knock back a few cold ones, and party ‘til the break of dawn with the talented photographers of Cutter Photozine. Details at

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 07:51

"The Artist In You" by Tim Biskup

The rock-solid creative force, Tim Biskup, has a new book coming out as part of his show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery opening May 17th. Titled The Artist In You, the book asks questions like, what is your responsibility as a denizen of the art world? Do you belong here? Are you here to administer context or engage in aesthetic appreciation? From violent outbursts of reactionary vitriol to subtle existential revelations, The Artist In You presents a personal response to the complexities of involvement in the field of fine art.
Unlike a typical art book filled to the brim with images, it’s obvious Biskup really took his time writing this one. Self-admittedly, Biskup filled The Artist In You with messy emotions, fragmented theories and some angry proclamations. “Writing about my experiences as an artist has been extremely difficult. Much of my frustration has come from what I perceived as resistance from an entrenched, elitist art world. My attempts to understand the complexities of the established art world have led, not to any all-encompassing truth, but to a series of paradoxical dead ends,” admits Biskup. From the sounds of it, The Artist In You gets down and dirty, just the way we like it.
Coinciding with the book’s release, Biskup will be doing a q & a at Jonathan LeVine. You can bet we’ll keep you updated.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 06:15

Skull & Sword: Opening Night

Skull & Sword, the exhibit presented by The Skull & Sword Family and The Seventh Letter, recently opened at Canvas in Los Angeles, bringing with it some of the biggest names in the world of tattooing, graffiti, painting, and graphic design.
Curated by San Francisco tattoo and graffiti artist NORM, Skull & Sword is a testament to the power and relevance of what many still deem "outsider art". The show remains on view until May 31st, but if you couldn’t make it to the opening, peek some of the photos captured of the night right here. 

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 04:36

DvA Gallery Group Show Photos

Chicago’s DvA Gallery played host to a packed house this past Saturday, April 26th. With such amazing artists in the show like: Shag, Glenn Barr, Tony Fitzpatrick, Liz McGrath, Daniel Martin Diaz, Bob Dob, Nathan Ota, Dave Cooper, Chris Mars, Gary Taxali, Ana Bagayan, Daniel Peacock, Yosuke Ueno, Paul Barnes, Martha Rich, Esther Pearl Watson, Mark Todd, Jason Houchen, Scott G. Brooks, Bonnie Reid, and Mark Atomos Pilon, we can understand why the event attracted so many guests!
Acting as quite the multi-tasker, Mark Atomos Pilon also found time to snap some great shots of the night’s events. We love this photo of finishing touches being added to the Truth piece, but skip over to Flickr to see more show pics now.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 04:10

Every Now And Then

Can’t stop, won’t stop. The art fiends at the Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art just keep dishin’ out new shows! Good thing we have an insatiable artistic appetite.
Carmichael Gallery announces Every Now And Then, a group exhibition featuring both national and international artists, including: Thaїs Beltrame, Jonathan Edelhuber, Josh Heilaman, Chad Mount aka tribalbot, and Mehgan Trice.
In new works by these five artists, color and medium function as clues to the vast spectrum of human emotion. Exhibited works include acrylics and oils on canvas and wood, pen and ink on paper, and mixed media pieces. Thaїs Beltrame and Josh Heilaman will be in attendance at the opening reception on Saturday, May 24, so make sure to mark your calendars in permanent ink, no penciling-in allowed. More info at 

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 03:59

OH NO! and OH OH! from Gary Taxali

Magic Pony presents the premiere of OH NO! and OH OH! - a double toy release and signing with Canadian artist Gary Taxali on Thursday, May 8th.
As the follow-up figures to The Original Toy Monkey in 2005, these two 6.5" high vinyl figures with fully moveable legs will be available for the very first time on May 8th. Inspired by the original art Oh No!, these figures are an incredible translation of Gary's work into 3D form, so make sure to hit up Magic Pony as Taxali will be gracing fans with his presence, his signature, and his artwork. Details and such at

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 02:51

Natalia Fabia Hits "Miami Ink" Tomorrow

Glitter, spiked heels, and lots of tattoos. No, this isn’t a continuation of last night’s dream; it’s your invitation to make a date with your TV tomorrow. The ever-lovely Natalia Fabia, known for her sexy hookers, feisty paintings, and bold style, has crossed the bridge from artist to television star. Well, sort of. Fabia will be making her debut on TLC’s hit show Miami Ink tomorrow, May 1st.
Fabia was filmed while getting her drop-dead gorgeous chandelier tattoo on her back by legendary tattooist Tim Hendricks. The episode, which airs tomorrow night at 10pm, also showcases her equally gorgeous artwork. A self-described chandelier junkie, Fabia admits she owns at least 20 of the sparkly light adornments. Chandeliers, ink, art, and Natalia Fabia- what other reason do you need to catch Miami Ink tomorrow? All right, take a peek at a few more reasons right over here. No more excuses now, so save us a spot of the sofa, hand over the remote, and we bet you’ll be glad you spent the evening with Natalia Fabia.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 02:36

J Otto Seibold at Grass Hut

For years, J Otto Seibold has been an inspiration to countless numbers of children and artists alike, so when the kids at Grass Hut secured his work for their next show, they got a little choked up. Seriously though, you probably still have a few of this legend’s books around your home. Hell, we still like to think of Olive as a real reindeer!
Embodying all that is great about pop art (and good hearts,) Seibold will grace the walls of Grass Hut May 2nd thru June 1st. We’ll see you there with our new copy of Olive, the Other Reindeer and a tear in our eye.
More info at

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 02:09

Max Ehrman Mural

Max Ehrman recently got a call from Jim Prigoff, the renowned urban mural expert, asking if Ehrman would paint an ugly retaining wall behind his grandson’s house in the Bay Area. Now, when a guy that’s been writing, lecturing, and documenting urban murals for the past 30 years asks if you’ll paint a mural for him, you drop your Xbox controller, grab a spray can, and hit that retaining wall like a speeding train. From the looks of it, that’s just what Ehrman did. It doesn’t end here, though. You’ll want to check out more photos of this wall turned canvas here.
So err, Max… we’ve got this empty wall in our parking lot…

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 01:09

Jordan Snider

So mom was out of town, and we decided the pool needed a facelift. Dig the new look? Okay, we actually have no idea where this awesome pool is, but we do know who took the photo: Jordan Snider.
Snider is a photographer with an eye for graffiti, and knows how to make even the lamest of tags look halfway decent. Snider’s photographic interests don’t end at graffiti though. She covers the whole gamut: from fashion to products, portraits to action shots. Aside from the graffiti section, we may like her black and white silver gelatin section the most. Make sure to check it out at


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