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Wednesday, 07 May 2008 04:08

Emerging Artist: 1911

1911 is a self-taught artist that currently lives in Italy, but hails from Yugoslavia. After freelancing as a graphic designer, and trying her hand at fashion, 1911 found herself continuously coming back to painting and drawing. However, she was ever fully able to break away from either genre, and 1911 has now found a happy medium by incorporating aspects of painting, graphic design, fashion, and illustration into her work.
“Most of my inspiration is based on my own mistakes, bad or good intuition, and family folklore,” says 1911. She recently held a solo show in Bristol and will be participating in a group show, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, in Buenos Aires in June. 1911 will also partake in Café Royal issue 3 so make sure to keep an eye out!
We love how this piece makes us feel slightly unsettled as we spiral downwards to meet an ominous and mysterious being. If you want to see more of 1911 work, be sure to take a look at 1911 extensive Flickr page right here.

Wednesday, 07 May 2008 02:43

Mister Cartoon x Ronald Sands Design

If you couldn’t tell by now, we’re big fans of Mister Cartoon. As one of the illest tattoo artists around, who wouldn’t be a fan? Always up to something new, Mister Cartoon recently hooked up with Ronald Sands Design, the custom motorcycle creator, to work on this customized metallic blue motorbike. Featuring Mister Cartoon’s signature clown imagery, this bike reminds us of why we fell in love with his work in the first place. Make sure to see more images of this sweet ride here…

Berlin has long been one of the hottest cultural hubs on the planet, so it seems fitting that three talented artists, Morten Andersen, Aro, and Mike Hyp would join forces in a group show called Die Post ist da (German for “the postman has arrived”) at Berlin’s Intoxicated Demons.
Morten Andersen, a Danish graffiti artist, will present a collection of works called Post-Graffiti, while American designer Michael Hyp will show Post-Folk Art. German illustrator Aro will add his mark with a collection called Post Illustration. If you’re lucky enough to be in Berlin this Friday, May 9th, check out Die Post ist da, or make do with the friendly intarweb, and head over to

Wednesday, 07 May 2008 01:54

Albert Reyes x Dirty Pilot

The good folk of Dirty Pilot have made our morning by adding 25 more works by Albert Reyes to their online gallery. We love the strange dualities prevalent in Reyes’ artistry, which tackles both conceptual and graffiti art.
Recognized for his ubiquitous “GIVE” tag, Albert has a distinctive artistic approach inspired not only by street art, comic books, and American pop culture; but also by contemporary and classical “high art”. Many of his drawings and illustrations incorporate everything from icons of corporate America to Hollywood stars to mass media to politics to consumerism.
Dirty Pilot has also published a 32-page four-color zine to commemorate this show, so hop over to and take a look!

Tuesday, 06 May 2008 06:30

Curve is "Remembering Tomorrow"

You may have heard of Curve, you may not, but you’ve never seen this side of him. His new solo exhibit Remembering Tomorrow reflects the past year through the current, with an emphasis on family and personal ties.
Remembering Tomorrow, opening Saturday, May 10th at San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery, explores deeply personal and emotional connections to family, friends, life and death. Spending a great deal of time dealing with family loss, reconnections, and experiencing a true commitment to relationships, Curve has created a nostalgic air that is reflected in his work through precise execution in tune with profound meaning.
With a graffiti influence and an extreme passion to simply create, his pieces are layered with spray paint, gold leaf, and drips of colorful acrylic. Layers of paint in the background represent the lack of value and authority with writing graffiti on the street, and its temporary and impermanent nature- easily buffed over the next day- symbolizing our ever-changing existence.
References to the delicacy of life, coping with death, and the idea of everlasting and fleeting existence are all explored. The evocative collection of new hand-painted pieces, mixed media, and an installation to compliment the show, is sure to create reflection in oneself.
Details at

Tuesday, 06 May 2008 05:58

Lordy Rodriguez Likes Maps

The act of charting the Earth and our universe has been an integral part of our evolution as a species. We attribute great power to the map; it is our key to understanding our place in the world. Without one, we are lost, literally and psychologically.
Lordy Rodriguez is an artist that delights in the artistry of maps. The vocabulary of cartography forms the basis of Rodriguez’s work. As his drawings have evolved, the works have become more abstract, but the relationship to maps is still apparent. Text has vanished, but topographical notations are recognizable through familiar coded lines and gradations of color. Mountainous terrain, fissures, lakes, rivers, and islands are identifiable. But in these new geologic microcosms, the familiar topographical forms begin to take on a supernatural life of their own. Colors are fluorescent and counterintuitive; shapes reminiscent of landscape morph into abstract patterns. References to microbiology, animation, Op Art, and textile design abound.
If you’d like the opportunity to see Rodriguez’s work in person, his exhibit, 201 Drawings, will be on display May 10th thru June 14th at San Francisco’s Hosfelt Gallery.  

Jonathan LeVine Gallery presents Vida Apaixonada, a solo exhibition featuring new works by Hamilton Yokota, the Brazilian artist better known as Titi Freak.
For his first US solo show, Vida Apaixonada (which is Portuguese for Passionate Life,) Titi Freak has created a new collection of original mixed media paintings, drawings, and collages on a variety of alternative surfaces and found objects. He has also begun a new series of hand-carved etchings. Expanding on his signature style—working on canvas, wood panel, fabric, sake packaging, and other found materials—the artist uses screens, stencils, spray paint drips, and graphic brush strokes of varying line quality. The work will be incorporated into a site-specific installation, transforming the space into a completely cohesive environment.
Drawing influence from his Japanese heritage as well as his Brazilian upbringing, Titi Freak’s diverse mixture of cultural backgrounds combine to form a very distinct perspective, and unique creative voice.
Make sure to hit up the opening next Saturday, May 17th at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Vida Apaixonada will remain on view thru June 14th. Details at

Husband and wife duo, Colin and Sas Christian, have a stellar show opening at Opera Gallery New York this Friday, May 9th.
Colin (work shown, left) was born in London, and moved to the US in 1992, where he and his wife, Sas Christian, started a business called Hotbox Inc, making sexy latex clothing for fetish stores. The knowledge gained from working with latex pushed Colin to work with other mediums, including silicone and fiberglass to create more advanced displays and figures.
Colin now works full time on his funky sci-fi and pinup inspired sculptures. Make sure to hit up the Opera Gallery this Friday to see his work in the silicone! Learn more about Colin Christian here.

Sas Christian was born in London and attended Bournemouth & Poole College of Art & Design UK, to study graphic design. This is also where she met her current husband, Colin Christian.
The pair moved to Florida in the early ‘90s and by ‘99 Sas was painting anime-inspired creations. A self-taught artist, Sas started with acrylic and moved on to oil. From the looks of this piece, Green Hour, it appears Sas’ dedication has paid off!
Make sure to see her newest work, along with her husband’s, at the Opera Gallery in New York, opening May 9th. Learn more about Sas Christian here.

Tuesday, 06 May 2008 02:19

Nike Dunk Video Interviews

Always leading the pack, the good folks of Nike have put together a series of video interviews with twenty-three Londoners celebrating 23 years of rocking the infamous Nike Dunk. Filmed by Amazing Grace (who’s amazingly talented we might add,) these interviews are available for view on YouTube right this way…
Thanks slam x hype for the image!


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