Taryn Simon’s "Birds of the West Indies" @ Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills

February 25, 2014

Photographer Taryn Simon’s body of work entitled Birds of West Indies pulls inspiration from a 1936 taxonomy publication of the same name by American ornithologist James Bond, who also happens to be the individual that Ian Fleming based his famous secret agent character James Bond. In her images, Simon searched for and photographed items from James Bond movies, which ranged from props and vehicles to actual Bond girls. Her search to locate her subjects spanned across Europe and the United States with items from private collections, museums, and auction houses. The result is a collection of images where Simon has photographed each individual subject in a way that ornithologist James Bond would have documented his birds. Birds of the West Indies is opening at the Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills on February 27, and will be on display until April 12, 2014.

text written by Canbra Hodsdon