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Saner “El Cenit Del Venado" @ Fifty24MX Gallery, Mexico City

Nov 09, 2013 - Dec 01, 2013FIFTY24MX Gallery, Mexico City

Over the weekend, Saner opened his newest exhibition “El Cenit Del Venado" at Fifty24MX Gallery in Mexico City. This new body of work consisted of acrylic paintings, ink drawings and sculptures, all presented in a dim lit setting. Saner wrote about the exhibition saying, “The zenith refers to the time when the sun and the moon aligns in the sky above us, and it´s used as a metaphor of those instants where the human being is able to get out of the daily routine and be present, being able to connect with the Great Spirit.”

And goes on saying, “The deer is the main character in the paintings representing the human being, as a symbol of renovation, creation, fire and dawn in many traditional cultures in Mexico (huicholes, mexicas, yaqui). The deer uses his internal force and purity of heart to enjoy the small pleasures of life.” Check out some the pictures from the exhibition Saner sent over.

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