KAWS @ Mary Boone + Galerie Perrotin, NYC

Nov 02, 2013 - Dec 21, 2013Galerie Perrotin, New York City

If the year of KAWS hasn't gone well already for the Brooklyn-based artist, he will be opening concurrent exhibitions at Mary Boone Gallery and Galerie Perrotin's new NYC space this weekend, November 2, 2013. Some people would like to have one show. Some people think two would be nice. Some would like just one show in NYC. One in Chelsea? Even better? How about two shows at Mary Boone and Galerie Perrotin, at the same time? On the same day? That is a lot of champagne. Oh, and he has a museum show in Philly right now. There's that trifecta we were looking for!

For Mary Boone, KAWS will have two 18-feet tall wood COMPANION statues. For your atrium. Or your arena. For Galerie Perrotin, KAWS will be working with some unique shaped cavases... 

November 2—December 21, 2013
Mary Boone Gallery, NYC

Kaws: Pass the Blame
November 2—December 21, 2013
Galerie Perrotin, NYC