Preview: Barron Storey, M Ian Dringenberg and Keita Morimoto "The Black Robe" @ Spoke Art, SF

Jun 06, 2013 - Jun 29, 2013Spoke Art, San Francisco

Spoke Art is proud to present "The Black Robe" a three person exhibition featuring Barron Storey, M Ian Dringenberg and Keita Morimoto (above), curated by Eidolon Fine Arts. "The Black Robe" brings together three generations of notable artists and their interpretations of legendary Japanese Tanka poet Ono No Komachi.

Though written over 1,000 years ago, Ono No Komachi's poetry remains as fresh and relevant today as it did then. Komachi speaks of truth, longing, lust and transience, reminding us of the constant universality of human experience. Hundreds of years before the romantic poetry of Dickinson or Sappho, Komachi possessed a lyrical and deeply insightful window into the matter of the the human heart.

Barron Storey, M. Ian Dringenberg and Keita Morimoto bring Komachi's work to life in a series of works filtered through their own experiences and histories (and, of course, their prodigious talents). From the multi-layed collages and intricate line work of Storey; to the luminous, ephemeral canvases of Dringenberg; and finally, the lush and radiant oils of Morimoto, each image acts as a mirror, reflecting Komachi's timeless sentiments. Combined, these three very different artists give us a unique viewpoint into not only Komachi, but also into themselves, and through the universal nature of the work, into all of us.

The Black Robe
June 6—June 29, 2013
Spoke Art
816 Sutter, San Francisco