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Backwoods Gallery Presents "Carrion": a new exhibition by Roa

November 25, 2012

If not yet, soon, Roa will have painted every animal known to exist in just about every city in the world. Well, that may be a stretch, but Roa appears to be everywhere, painting everything, all the time. Down in Australia, the artist will be showing new work at Backwoods Gallery opening November 30, 2012. We suggest you go. Do it.


From Backwoods Gallery website:


His artwork has taken him across the world, and his massive and haunting murals featuring native fauna have made him one of this decade’s leading street artists.


ROA is an artist but at heart he’s also a zoologist and an explorer. His passion is derived from the study and the understanding of the animals he encounters.


ROA may be seen as the poetic conclusion to the nineteenth century explosion of scientific discovery – a time when Linnaeus, Darwin, et al entertained intellectual Europe with zoological discoveries, pristine environments and unimagined animals.


However, in the twenty first century, the message is a somber one. ROA’s work documents the tenuous cohabitation of animal and man within the new environment left in the the wake of discovery.


With subtle naivety, elegance and a style reminiscent of early natural history illustrations,ROA superimposes massive depictions of indigenous animals on walls, each one being a story of death and survival. Creatures perhaps acting as martyrs for the worlds which lay long forgotten at the foundations of our cities.


This friction between man, animal, civilisation and nature is the focal point for ROA’s latest exhibition at Backwoods Gallery titled;“Carrion”.

Alexander Mitchell
Backwoods Gallery 2012


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