Works by Jennifer Poon

January 13, 2014

'Jennifer Poon’s concentrated, visceral lines convey the fragile nature of and the sensitive balance between our physical and spiritual selves. Poon merges themes of race, sexuality, and personal identity with real life experience to create a unique perspective on our reaction to social pressures from the world around us. The Artist states, “In my work there is a dialogue that explores universal emotions, which are accessed through my own personal experiences. I’m striving to make sense of the world between our mortal bodies and the subconscious, and this has been the main focus of my studio practice. I use the body as an anchor for discussion of human emotion, death, and decay. These are basic to being human, and I want to bring these feelings up to the surface to create a connection between the work and the viewer, ultimately bringing the viewer back to a point of introspection.'