Work by Thomas Demand

July 15, 2012

Although Thomas Demand's works are presented as photographs, he is not a photographer in a traditional sense. Rather he is a conceptual artist utilizing the photographic process within the framework of his productions. Known for elaborately crafting life size scenes out of cardboard and paper that appear to be photographs of an actual space, Demand's works create layers of fiction and illusion. The original sets are never presented. All that remains on view is a flattened image produced by a large format camera. The resulting photographs embalm the fictional space, clouding the viewer's ability to decipher reality from the artist's invention. Upon careful inspection, subtle details and surface qualities of the cardboard scenes reveal their falsehood, unraveling what appears to be the presidential office or a tiled bathroom floor and tub.

Enjoy some of Demand's selected works here that provide you with the photographs of the illusions.
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