Kevin McHale & Jeremy Lin

February 12, 2012


In town to play the Warriors on Sunday, Coach McHale was closely watching the Minnesota Timberwolves, a team he previously, disastrously GM'd and coached, against the suddenly interesting New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin. Here's McHale, owner of the best post moves in basketball history and a guy who could've easily been coaching Lin this year, soaking it all in:




Lin, of course, had his fifth 20-point game in a row, putting himself in some elite company: only guys like Iverson and Shaq have scored as many in their first NBA starts. And the Knicks, sporting a rag-tag lineup of scrubs and castoffs and rookies, pulled off their fifth win in a row. The blogo-tumblr-sphere was alight with puns on Lin's name and animated gifs galore, but we like New York-based illustrator Joe Petruccio's game-by-game watercolor accounts of Lin's unlikely run.