Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?

January 30, 2012

Dikembe Mutombo will long be remembered for his shot-blocking prowess and signature finger-wag after one of said blocks. Less likely to be remembered of the good-natured, gravely-voiced Congolese big man is an urban legend from his college days at Georgetown.


As the story goes, the fresh-off-the-boat Mutombo was taken to an off-campus G'Town party after a particularly impressive game against a Big East foe. Dikembe burst into the party, spread his mighty wings and declared the now-infamous invitation - captured on this wheat paste seen on the street of Philadelphia. Mutombo played a few seasons in Philly, of course, getting to the Finals in '01 behind fellow Hoya Allen "The Answer" Iverson.



Via Streets Dept and their dope Flickr


UPDATE: Turns out Mutombo isn't so good-natured after all! Dikembe got caught up in a shady Nigerian gold scam. For shame!